Chiropractic Testimonials

"I ran into Dr. Nichols at his booth during the Home and Garden Show in Fargo and we discussed some of my past history and the pain and stiffness issues I've been living with. Dr. Nichols asked me to give him a try to see if he could help in relieving or stopping the pain. It turned out to be my lucky day!

My lifestyle and career was always very active, however, a bit reckless at times. It has left me with constant lower back pain (at times severe), neck pain, and all the stiffness and reduced flexibility that go along with back injuries. My past injuries included bulging discs; one in my neck in 1986 and one in my lower back in 1990. On top of that, a couple accidents a few years later reinjured the lower back again.

The past couple years I've had pain that started radiating around my hips, so much so that I couldn't stand or sit in one position very long. I was losing interest in doing the things I enjoyed the most. With a degenerative spine and specialists saying I would need surgery, I had my mind made up that by the end of this summer I would have the surgery. I tried other chiropractors and of course the muscle relaxers, prescription pain meds, and massages but with no improvements, just temporary relief.

Dr. Nichols did an exam and took pictures of my spine and gave me a thorough analysis of what he was seeing. A treatment plan was then scheduled to try and stop or relieve some pain and get some flexibility back. His adjustments stopped the hip pain within weeks and have reduced the lower back pain so I'm much more comfortable again. The adjustments have also taken the stiffness out of the neck area. My flexibility has increased and if I aggravate something, it doesn't last long. The soreness from overworking is now back to normal overnight and not something I have to deal with for weeks like I have been for years.

I couldn't be more pleased with his treatments and care. It has been worth every penny spent to be back to feeling this well! Thank you!"

- Cory

"I never considered a chiropractor. I thought I had a strong and healthy back because I never felt direct pain in my back. Pregnancies, childbirth, the work force, gardening, and other activities, led me to believe that the changes I felt were a normal part of aging. Changes such as numbness in limbs after sleeping, stiff neck, sore and tired back, and developing problems during pregnancies seemed to be normal, even when at times they seemed to worsen. I began a pattern of what felt normal and what just felt worse some days. Then one day with a simple twist in the kitchen, I slipped a disc in my lower back. My first reaction was to get to my doctor. I am not sure what I expected, but I left with two prescriptions and found myself feeling sick and not any healthier 2 days later. This led me on my journey to get healthy and I found Nichols Family Chiropractic.

I came in with an open mind, but had no chiropractic knowledge or understanding of the practice. A few issues were found with the health of my spine and I was more than surprised, I was shocked! I started treatment immediately. Although, my experience is still new, Nichols is already changing my life. After my second visit, when I returned home, I was smelling things I hadn't noticed in years. I believed that I had lost most of my sense of smell during pregnancies. By the third day after my first treatment, I completely stopped using all pain medications prescribed to me, as well as no over the counter pain relievers. I continue my journey to wellness. Nichols Family Chiropractic has been supportive and informative to my total wellness. They offer tools and resources to get me on a path to healthy living and wellness. As each day passes, I continue to breath and smell better. I have more rested sleep and I can feel my core getting stronger. I am a believer, and I look forward to the weeks ahead in my journey towards wellness."

- Jennifer

"Before getting regular adjustments, I would get severe headaches and cramping during menstruation. I would usually have to miss at least one day of work due to the pain. I was also taking pain meds and using a heating pad to help, but this did not always work.

Since my adjustments, I have noticed a great difference. My headaches are less frequent and if I do get one, it is not severe. The pain caused by cramping is also getting much better. I rarely even have to use the heating pad anymore!

Dr. Nichols has helped not only through regular adjustments, but by helping me to live an overall healthier lifestyle for which I will always be grateful."

- Jocelyn

"I'm 53 and have never even considered going to a chiropractor. My parents were strong advocates of traditional medicine and neither had ever tried chiropractic. "Take an aspirin-Tylenol-ibuprophen.

My entire life, I've been plagued with a dull but nagging lower back pain. I blamed my shoes, heavy lifting or some activity; anything but a physical issue. Undoubtedly, this has been an issue for as long as I can remember.
In recent years, I have been "nursing" chronic neck pain which I self-diagnosed as a pinched nerve. "It will take care of itself," I told myself. But it got so bad in recent months, that wearing a necklace or even a collar on a jacket was excruciating. This issue brought me to tears.

Flash forward- So here I am. Whether it is age or negligence on my part, all I knew was that I needed to do something quick. I happened upon Dr. Jared Nichols, at a recent expo. I walked into his booth and hoped for magic on the spot. What I got was the opportunity to finally diagnose and actually treat my back and neck pain.

I was glad that his method included an x-ray so I could see for myself, what I was facing. Remember that low chronic back pain? I have an uneven pelvis and curvature of the spine; and my neck pain? My head looked like it was sitting on a pike rather than on a gracefully curved neck.

I like the idea of being treated by someone who has the most current training in the latest techniques that the Chiropractic profession has to offer.

So here is the bottom line:

  1. My neck pain has greatly diminished so I can now wear necklaces and collared jackets.
  2. My neck mobility has improved so much that I am actually a safer driver!
  3. I also learned that I can now touch my toes! This was a fun and unexpected surprise.
  4. Weirdest of all, my chronic raspy voice seems to be improving.

Dr. Jared reminded me that our nervous system isn't just about feeling pain, but also controls all body functions-even the mucous glands, in our throats. Karaoke anyone?!"

- Mo

"Before starting to see Dr. Nichols I had an accident where some hemorrhaging took place in the front of my brain, resulting in paralysis of the left side of my body for several weeks. The paralysis forced me to be bed ridden causing pain and lack of sleep. I still have lingering effects from the accident in the form of my left ankle being partially paralyzed.

Since seeing Dr. Nichols for the past several months, I have made significant improvement in my walking as well as regaining motion in my ankle and foot and continue to improve on a daily basis. He has also corrected the problems from being bed ridden. With his continued chiropractic help and encouragement I am 100% confident I will make a complete recovery as well as being healthier as a whole."

- Adam

"I recently injured my back in a manner that took me from being a very active person to being unable to complete most any task. I was unable to sit in a chair at all and lying in bed was even very painful. The only comfortable position was standing.

I sought treatment elsewhere for a couple of weeks; however, my condition was worsening. I was referred to Dr. Nichols by a friend of mine who is a retired chiropractor. Dr. Nichols thoroughly examined me on my first visit, to a level I had not seen in prior care. Dr. Nichols took complete x-ray images and was able to see and show me where my problem lay. He was honest and told me upfront he felt he could treat me and if we did not see results, he knew where to send me.

Dr. Nichols immediately put together a treatment plan. After just a couple of treatments I was feeling relief. After a few weeks of treatments I am now feeling much better.

I would and have recommended Dr. Nichols to others. I feel he truly has a passion for what he does. Dr. Nichols sets goals for his patients with every intention of achieving them."

- Keven

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